70+ Best Library Pickup Lines

With the availability of 70+ Best Library Pickup Lines, you’ll never again struggle to find the perfect line to break the ice when visiting your local library. Whether you’re hoping to make a romantic connection or just looking for a good laugh, this ultimate list of Library Pickup Lines is sure to deliver. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get your flirt on!

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Best Library Pickup Lines

  • I have a great collection of books. Why don’t you come over?
  • You like books, and so do I. Why don’t we weave the story of life together?
  • Can you read my mind with the same passion that you have while reading books? It has ‘LOVE’ written all over it.
  • The only book in this library I wish to read is you.
  • Be my Magi this Christmas, and walk into my life.
  • I am MARC. Let’s INSPEC and see if we can MeSH.
  • Let’s make good use of the romance section, and make Romeo and Juliet envious.
  • Allow me to make you a part of my life. We would walk together through the woods on a snowy evening.
  • Playing doctor is for kids. Why don’t we play library?
  • The library has a time limit, but my home doesn’t. Let’s go back and have a whale of a time.
  • Let’s reserve a room in the library and study each other.
  • Do you happen to be shelf R.1034? I have been searching for you all over the place.
  • Allow me to be your book. Read me, understand me, acknowledge me, and handle me with care.
  • Would you mind walking up to the poetry section with me? I would love to recite a few verses to you.
  • My imagination went wild since the day I got to know that you are a librarian.
  • You have overdue books. Don’t you? I wonder why I see FINE written all over you.
  • I wish to choose you from the many books in the library called the world.
  • If given a chance to arrange the stacks, I wouldn’t miss putting U and I in one place.
  • Want to know my name? It’s William S. Burroughs. How about a “Naked Lunch” together!
  • You are a librarian. Aren’t you? Well, I need to get shushed then.
  • Do I have the honor to make you a part of my private library?
  • Why don’t you be my reading partner for the night? I would read you the unreturned library book I have.
  • I can’t have enough of you like you were a thriller.
  • Let’s get into a search engine game. Make an entry and wait for the positive results.
  • You are the hottest book in this library.
  • Wanna be my roommate for the night? Together we could make a lot of sound and fury.
  • Want to know my name? It’s Big Brother! As I have my eyes on you all day and night.
  • I wish for a secret garden with a flower for each of the times I think about you.
  • Would you mind if I keep you in reserve?

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Cool Library Pick Up Lines

  • How hot you look, girl! What have you been up to? Burning books or what!
  • You like books, and I like you, do you like me too?
  • You are so hot! I wouldn’t mind you folding my pages in a dog-eared fashion.
  • Would you like to be a part of my library?
  • Had you played quidditch, you would have been the keeper.
  • Coming to the library? I’ll be waiting for you in the stacks.
  • Are you Scarlett? My heart seems to be “Gone with the Wind” each time I see you.
  • May I help you with the stacks? I learned to arrange them from my mom, who like you was a librarian too.
  • No one believes me to be a librarian. Why don’t you check me out?
  • Read between the lines, and you’ll be able to read my mind.
  • Hey! There isn’t much difference between a good novel and you – both make a permanent place in my head.
  • Dear Missy! Do you mind giving me your cutter number?
  • Would you mind giving me your reference number?
  • I can sense you are overloaded with sensibility. Now! Hope it wasn’t Austen-tatious on my part in pointing that out. Was it?
  • When around, you make me feel hotter than “Fahrenheit 451”.
  • Alas! The library doesn’t allow food. How do I please my hunger for you?
  • Had you been a library book, I would have taken you home and never given you back!
  • Let’s be one, and we will sail through the good times and hard times together.
  • Please shed off the restricted section tag so that I may access you.
  • I know a cutie. Wish to impress her with a book. So, what would be your pick?
  • Allow me to apply my dewey decimal on you.

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Trending Library Pick Up Lines

  • I am not supposed to be judging a book by its cover, right? No, wrong! One look at you, and I am already floored.
  • I would love to cling to you forever like you were my ‘Last Leaf.’
  • If you have “Great Expectations” from me, I promise you that I will meet them for sure.
  • Heard you are a cataloger. Hope the lists you make have enough space to accommodate me as well.
  • Let’s play library. Be the door and allow me to slam you.
  • Hey! I have a huge Jane Austen collection. Wish to come over?
  • Want to sneak out with you to the reference section to make some citations.
  • Can’t stop from checking out on you, like you were a library book.
  • While reading the “Book of Numbers” last night, I realized I don’t have yours.
  • Typing all day has made my fingers really strong.
  • You have a banging body. A sequel is the need of the hour.
  • Let’s meet in the library! How about the fantasy section?
  • Had I added a catalog to you, ‘Desirable’ would be my choice!
  • I wish I could pass my fingers through you like you were a book.
  • To win your heart, I would strive, seek, and find but never yield.
  • To “All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” I am sorry but still want to say that I have finally got someone way too better.
  • A room with you inside is as beautiful as a room with a view.
  • Life is what you make it. I wish to have you in my life and make it beautiful.
  • The day I saw you, my heart went on hold.
  • Happy that I have a library card. I am going to check you out now.
  • Depriving me of taking you out would be a crime from your end and a punishment for me.
  • Are you one of those five people? Meeting you makes me feel like I’m in heaven.
  • Had you been a book, I would have needed glasses to read through your fine-printed pages.

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